During June we'll be switching and updating inventory. Please call for availbility and special orders.

Donations | Trade-In



Trade-In/Credit Program

(Trade-ins/Donations accepted Mon-Wed 10am-4pm, Thur 10am-2pm.

No drop-offs  or trade credit offered Fri-Sun.)

General Info

  • The Midnight Oil Bookstore is free to offer trade value at their discretion.
  • No appointment needed for drop-offs of ten (10) or less books
  • Appointments will be required for trade-ins of more than ten (10) books.
  • No more than thirty (30) books or one small moving box/office file box per week.
  • The average trade-in value for books will be up to 25% (1/4) of in-store cover price. 
  • This will be logged as store credit.
  • Store credit can be used toward purchases as follows:
    • Up to 50% toward used book/s (store credit balance dependent)
    • Up to 10% toward new book/s & special orders (store credit balance dependent)
  • We are seeking quality trades. With limited space, books which are falling apart, spine broken to the point of illegibility, water damaged books, etc., will not be accepted for trade-in value.
  • Rare items are always negotiable for trade-in or cash payment by appointment.


What We Do/Don’t Accept for Trade

We are seeking quality trades. With limited space, The Midnight Oil will select books based on condition, demand, audience, and our current inventory.


The Midnight Oil’s considerations for “Gently Loved Books”:

  • No magazines
  • No bibles
  • No dictionaries (exception: language barrier dictionaries)
  • No water damaged books
  • No travel books published more than ten (10) years from current year
  • No coffee table top books
  • Broken spines will be considered if Title/Author/Info is legible, in other words: Gently broken spines (oh, the irony?)
  • Minimal Writing (autographs are okay and considered, personal dedications, notes and highlighting are not)
  •  No missing pages (may be considered as donation for art purposes with no trade-in value)
  • No missing covers or torn covers (may be considered for art purposes with no trade-in value)
  • Binding must be intact
  • No textbooks or teaching material
  • No hardcovers with missing dust jackets but will be considered for donations with the exception of vintage works
  • At the moment we do not have the time nor resources to consider Rarities/Antique works for trade/cash.


Trade-in Process

**The Midnight Oil will always take-in donations, same rules apply with donation amounts/quality as trade-in amounts/ quality. **


**We do not accept trade-ins/donations during the month of December**

  • Trade-in drop off times for max trade-in (one small moving box or maximum thirty (30) books per drop-off: Mon-Wed 10am-4pm, Thur 10am-2pm. No drop-offs or trade credit offered Fri-Sun.
    • No more than one medium box/office file box—or maximum thirty (30) books will be considered at a time per week per person.
    • Trade-in considerations must be handed directly to a Midnight Oil employee.
      • Books left at door without proper delivery shall be trashed/donated/kept for art and crafts purposes without trade consideration.
    • We’d prefer you remain in store while we consider trade-ins but understand if you cannot.
    • Contact info must be left if not willing to remain in store in order for us to reach out with trade-in value and/or list of books not accepted for trade-in.
    • If trade-in considerations are left behind, The Midnight Oil will contact you within one (1) week of trade-in considerations with trade value information.
    • Due to size of location and the absence of storage space, books not accepted must be retrieved within one week or by appointment or books shall be considered abandoned and donated, trashed, or kept for art/crafts purposes with no trade-in value.

    Items we are definitely interested in:

    • Spanish literature including children's books
    • Modern Young Adult
    • Modern Junior Novels
    • Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror
    • Modern Contemporary Romance
    • Non-Christian Spirituality/Philosophy
    • Beat Generation and Post Beat Generation
    • Occult/Supernatural
    • Large Print Books