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Don't Finish Books You Don't Like

I've been selling books for over two years now and there are a handful of things that stand out when it comes to book readers.

One of those things is that readers have very strong opinions on whether you should finish reading every book you start or not. 

For me, I grew up with the mentality that I have to finish every book I started. Every. Single. One

Now I find myself shifting to the opposing side. One reason is that with every year it becomes more apparent that time is our most valuable resource. Our time and what we choose to do with it and how to spend it is most important. 

Another reason is simply the amount of books that I see every day. We all have a TBR (to be read) pile, but when getting recommendations from customers all day it quickly becomes a TBR mountain.

Add to the fact that over 70,000 new book titles get released every Tuesday (check the math), I feel like I need to really be selective of what I'm reading.

There is a concept in large companies which is, "Hire slow, fire fast". The idea being that companies should take their time vetting new hires, but, if it isn't working out, fire fast. 

This allows successful companies to grow and build relationships with those individuals who they connect with and value most. 

It may be my personal obsession with studying individuals and brands, but I've grown to take the same approach to my book selections. I'll impulsively pick up books, but have become quick to set them down. 

Value your time. Put the book down. Pick up another.

Now, I must confess to something... some of my favorite books I forced myself to read. I know. I know. 

Really though, it's some of those books that I forced myself to read when I was younger that I've grown to love and have had a substantial impact on who I am today. 

In fact, last month our book club read, "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley and I could not keep reading. I tried to read it, but couldn't. Maybe it was the language from the time period. Maybe it was the protagonist... idk. 

What I learned from our book club meetup was that I actually rather enjoyed the story itself, not the writing. Even though I didn't finish I listened to how the story ended and it's almost enough to convince me to finish it anyway. 

For now, I'm going to put it back on the shelf. It's on to the next one in the TBR mountain.

That being said, what side are you on? Finish every book? Or, put it down and on to the next?

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