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Like a Butterfly, Vol. 3 by suu Morishita

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Would you rather wait for love like a flower, or fly toward love like a butterfly?. Suiren Shibazeki is often compared to a beautiful flower—but one that grows on the tallest peak of a mountain, forever out of reach. When Suiren develops feelings for the quiet Taichi Kawasumi, however, she doesn’t want to be a distant flower. She’d rather leave her lofty perch and fly toward him like a butterfly.. Suiren finally felt closer to Kawasumi the night of the fireworks festival, but now that school has started again, the distance between them seems larger than ever. Kawasumi finds himself confused by strange new feelings and buries himself in preparing for an upcoming karate competition. Suiren hopes they can be more than friends once the competition is over, but with so much still unspoken between them, is it possible they might be drifting apart for good?